William Wallace writes songs no one else would write. He is probably the only songwriter in Austin with a tune about the 19th century mystic Helena Blavatsky, one about the romance between Harpo Marx and Amelia Earhart, and another country classic about demon-possessed nuns. As no one is actually keeping metrics on this, his unique status is purely conjecture and absolutely inadmissible in a court of law or music. As the son of early adopters of the Austin slacker lifestyle, he was exposed to a wide range of music from a very early age. One of his earliest musical memories is of a conversation with Townes Van Zandt in the green room at the Cactus Cafe about songwriting and life on the road. This musical upbringing taught him to weave songs and music together into a style that blends intricate guitar work with lyrics about undersung heroes and villains, immortal counts, drunken Egyptologists, volcanic love, and the ghosts both real and metaphorical that hide just beyond the veil.

His debut full length album “Lighthouse Keeper” features ten original songs, backed by some of Austin’s finest musicians, including Jon Greene, Mark Hallman, Joshua Hoag, Warren Hood, Stefano Intelisano, Shawnee Kilgore, Andre Moran, and Kris Nelson. The record features songs William has played for years in live sets including “Harpo and Amelia,” “The Stars, My Destination,” a musing on immortality and legacy that borrows a title from Alfred Bester’s novel of the same name, and “Eveline”, a love song set in the ruins of Pompeii. The record will be available August 1st, 2023 on Bandcamp, streaming platforms, and on Compact Disc for those devotees of physical media who want something to hold on to.

His first EP was 2019’s “The Old Straight Track,” a collection of songs written during his recent four-year stint in England, where he was working as an embedded spy. Recorded entirely with local musicians he met during his time abroad, it is a deeply personal snapshot of a foreign adventure, and a peace offering to the restless spirits that inhabited his 200-year old apartment in Brighton.

He’s happy to be back in Austin and playing at venues in his favorite city.




EPK link with press photos, press release/one sheet, and more can be found at this shared Google Drive link! Thank you!